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Oh yeah colonel. The Cornelia St. Cafe is my favorite. Im gonna go next week and see Claudia Quintet and then in October Tony Malaby with Ralph Alessi, John Hebert, and Gerald Cleaver. I love Gerald. SO killin. Did you ever go to the Downtown Music Gallery? I got there and I almost pissed my pants I was so excited when I saw the stock they had. I got a bunch of Magnus Broo, with Paal Nilssen-Love, plus some stuff from Magnus new group angles, plus some stuff with Magnus and Paal called Atomic School Days and it is so killin. Plus an Alasnoaxis cd, dogs of great indifference that I really like. I spent like 100 though so I cant go there that often or Ill be ever more broke than I am now. I really love the city man. The school pretty much sucks. Be-bop purists left and right, Michael Brecker clones in all the practice rooms, its just not what I want.
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