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Default Re: GIG PICS

this is the only picture with everyone in it

playing my Gretsch Catalina Club Rock green sparkle kit (26,13,16...the 18" was at home although sometimes it made an appearance as a kick too) with my jazz combo here. This kit is a lot of fun to play and it's easy to set-up. My other kit is a Mapex ProM kit with suspended toms which takes forever to get everything right and it takes up twice the room because you have to get the stand for the 'floor toms' going. I like to use this Catalina though as I get the old jazz sound quite easily from those big drums instead of the toy drum type of sound from the be-bop era. The snare is a Slingerland chrome over brass I suspect to be thirty years old or more (originally was the Gene Krupa model).
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