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Cornelia St Cafe!!!!! I love that place. I've played there quite a few times, and always ALWAYS enjoyed the experience. The crowds are always awesome. I remember the first time I went there I saw The Fringe w/Matt Maneiri (vibes, my spelling might be off on the last name - it was 8 or 9 years ago)

Glad you got to see him live. Jim is one of THE best drummers walking the planet. I agree with Erik Lund: people who cannot grasp him only insult themselves, in my book. He was such a brilliant guy he was iPod-ing before there were iPods. I remember reading an interview he did in a magazine (can't remember which one - I subscribed to Modern Drummer - which totally sucks now, and JazzTimes - which totally sucks now) where, back in the day, he would use his Mini-Discs (remember those?!?!?!) and put completely different kinds of music on each disc randomly so he could listen to a ton of different styles while he was flying around the country or in a cab or just walking the street - That's the kind of mindset he had - he'd listen to some random jazz tune and then follow up with Mr. Bungle and then perhaps some Hindemeth and then some electronica...ANd you can hear it in his playing.

UNWOUND is a seminal recording - I would put it in my top 5 for live "jazz" recordings in the last 15 years. Everyone is in top form and Jim Black...oh my god! He does things everyone here couldn't dream of approaching. I've heard pretty much everyone here - including myself, and man, Jim Black does stuff that makes you think there are 3 drummers goin' nuts and it's just him.

So glad you got to see him Britt - Have fun in NYC!
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