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i guess since im such a huge fan of travis barker and always have been im gonna post my 2 cents worth. i really enjoy travis barkers chops, creativity, and style when it comes to playing. not only is he a amazing drummer but hes fun to watch. hes very animated and has a really distinctive sound. he grew up playin latin, jazz, and calypso style drumming so hes very well rounded. i suggest you guys download his MTV Duets episode and see how he taught a kid to drum along side him to "Stay together for the kids"-blink 182. he does some really cool fills in there, and displays his creativity very well. overall people should stop knockin travis and calling him a showoff, and overrated because if you did a little research before posting you'd find that the man has killer chops, and a very wicked style, and he intergrates it all together in a awesomly creative manner. thanks for your time.
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