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Default Re: Metallica - Death Magnetic. They're at it again. (heads up)

I listened to bits and pieces of Death Magnetic last night, during smoke breaks at band practice. I liked what I heard a lot - I'm listening to the whole thing through right now. They sound like a much more mature, skillful, technically proficient band covering the older Metallica sound. It has a very progressive feel to it and it actually rocks pretty hard. Driving rhythms, dark chord progressions; engaging, oldschool guitar duos, shredding solos. Hetfield is conspicuously more forceful with his voice than he's been in recent times. It's a welcome return to metal, and I like it.

Ten songs, 75 minutes play time.

Seems to me that there is absolutely NOTHING that Metallica could do today that would not be controversial, generating mixed reviews and emotions. They've been around so long and have explored such a wide range of sound... People are going to love this album and hate it. And everything in between. As usual.

So far I'm diggin' it and I expect I'll be turning up loud in the car for a few weeks - until I get sick of it.
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