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Default Was I being rip-off or what really happening

Hello to all the drummers around the world,

The reason for this post is not to condemn a particular business entity, website or a person. The reasons are to get advice, clarification and opinion on what really happen and the action that I can take to settle this problem.

On the 5th of September 2008, I made a purchase for the ‘A Zildjian Cymbals Packs’ thru their online store at The cymbals packs cost US$649.96. Mode of payment is by using credit card. My bank has cleared the payment to them on the 8th of September 2008. My bank also confirms that if the transaction was declined by their bank, there is no way that my bank will proceed with the transaction and debited my account.

Sadly, as of today there is still no news regarding my order whether it has been shipped or not and it’s been 16 days already since I placed my order. I checked the status of my order in their website, but its still ‘in processing’. Nor the seller never contacts me to explain the current status of my order. I’m really disappointed with the service that they are giving me. This kind of attitude that they are displaying is really destroying the drumming community.

Hopefully you all can give some feedback on this matter. Thanks.

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