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Default Re: Show us your Premier kits!!

Originally Posted by dancincrow View Post
For Groove Meister -
I actually have 2 "Premier Series" kits, one is Maple Classic in Silver Sparkle & the other is a Gen X in Burnt Orange Sparkle. I'm hoping to post some pic's of them soon, I just haven't gotten around to it yet.
As far as the new "Elite" series goes, where are you getting your kit from? Have you seen or played them yet? They have an awesome new finish available called "Rainforest Sparkle" plus the new ISO mounts are pretty cool too.
Let's see see some more Premier kits on here, it's nice to see what everyone has.
Cheers to all for now.
Hey! cool to hear :) im hoping to order the kit straight from premier to my closest retailer. Custom sizes and all that jazz. Whats the new finish "rainforest sparkle" like? Know where i can see photos? Wasnt overly keen on the new ISO's but im sure they do a better job!

Man, i would really appreciate seeing photos of your kits, especially burnt orange sparkle!!
Please post them soon :)

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