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Originally Posted by Reticuli View Post
Hello Alex!

I'm a 17-year-old drummer living in Åland. We have this jazz festival here in the summer, Alandia Jazz Festival, and this year you were hired to play with Vladimir Shafranov and Mads Vinding! You can't imagine how much I was looking forward to it. But then you got another gig – and had to cancel the gig in Åland. I don't blame you, such things happens... A pity!
And then these drummers where asked to come, none of which could: (in order) Morten Lund, Ed Thigpen & Al Heath (isn't that an incredible list!?). Daniel Fredriksson (Sweden) ended up playing the concerts. An amazing player and person!

The only recording I've heard with you is Johnny Griffin and the Great Danes. I love it, but I wan't to hear more of you. The problem is money. I don't want to download. Also a pity ;)

How strict is your Paiste endorsement? I mean, you mentioned playing a Zildjian cymbal and a Chinese made? Is that "okay"? I really, really love Paistes for most styles except jazz. They should really develop more jazz cymbals. You and Ian Froman, two jazz greats playing Paiste, are playing mostly prototypes. Why doesn't Paiste make those sounds for us normal people? Couldn't you make a signature cymbal or something?

PS. Gonna visit Vladimir Shafranov in a few weeks, he lives 300 meters from me; do you know him? DS.
Great to hear from you. I truly appreciate your interest. It’s a great pleasure to know that a young drummer as yourself doesn’t mind listening to an old fart like me! ;o)

Yes, it was a matter of really unfortunate circumstances that I couldn’t make the gig in Åland as planned (the big gigs/project I had in the days just prior to that was being extended, so I was put in a very difficult situation there … long story!). Trust me, I had been looking very much forward to going to Åland! Fortunately the arrangers were very understanding of my situation, and we agreed to try to make it happen next year instead. Hope it works out, and that you’ll be able catch it! I’m glad you enjoyed the concert. I’m sure Daniel Frederiksson did a great job! Oh and please tell Vladimir Shafranov hi from me when you see him. I really hope we’ll get to play together soon!!!! :o)

The Griffin CD was fun. I’ve played with Johnny on many occassions – and througout many years – and I’ve always loved his playing and his personality. A great guy, and truly a little giant. So sad that he’s no longer with us!

I’ve been endorsed by Paiste since 1969 (wow, I just realise that’s almost 40 years!!!). The family/company has always treated me exceptionally well, and provided me with excellent gear, and so I’ve always been proud and happy to play their cymbals. It’s no secret that I’m particularly fond of their flat rides .. nothings beats and old 602 flat ride.;o) No, I don’t think they mind I sometimes played a no-brand Chinese crash for a while. The Ziljian must be have been an old K, and many many years ago; I hardly remember anymore. Anyways, for a long time now, I’ve been back to a Paiste only cymbal set-up and I love it. You are right though, that their focus seems to be more on rock. I would LOVE to make a Paiste signature jazz cymbal …. I’ve never been asked .. or asked them .. but who knows, maybe one day. ;o)

Thanks again for your message. I wish you all the best with your drumming!

Best wishes,

By the way, I'm going to post some more very soon. Got lots of stuff to tell you .. about new releases etc. So stay tuned. :o)

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