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My friend once asked me who I thought the most underappreciated drummer ever was, my answer was close between Meg White and whoever the current drummer for Marilyn Manson is.

One thing I really appreciate about Meg is she really goes against the commin grain of drummers. She has a very distinct style, and it fits with their music.

Example; I've noticed she often plays her crash and bass drum at the same time. This is usually only done by beginners who havn't developed limp independance yet, but she somehow makes it sound cool.

Example II; This is a two person band, and even though she keeps it simple, she still manages to fill out the songs. Take an amazing drummer for example and try and imagine them writing for White Stripes. It just doesn't work. I think that combo is one of the few where you can take simple drumming, simple guitar, and put them together in a sweet and interesting way.

I think she's a very mediocre drummer, but an AMAZING White Stripe. Sense? Probably not.
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