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Thank's Bernhard for that much needed insight. The fact is some people think that their opinion about what is musical and what groove's is ABSOLUTE! I would like to know when did they get together and decide that their opinion is THE TRUTH! When will some people wake up and figure out that they made up their mind's about what suit's them long ago and anything that does not follow suit is not up to par for them. What absolute arrogance and worse off flat out foolishness. I will say it again it is SOME of those who sit at home and wish they were actually making a REAL mark in the drumming and music world and want to be admired by those relevant that make the outrageous comment's about someone not being able to groove or play music. But it is guy's like Virg, Vinnie, Gadd, Minneman, Smith, Lang, Weckl, Bozzio, Phillip's the list goes on and on who all have tremendous admiration for one another and are actually telling the truth when they give Praise to one another. I myself have been in company of Vinnie, Smith, Horacio, Bozzio, Mangini and other's while watching Virg and have gotten a kick out of them being truly blown away by the Man's playing. And then watching Virg, Smith and Mangini hang while being truly moved by Vinnie's performance. Their humility and respect for eachother is truly moving.

Again for those who have a hard time accepting the truth. Virg is admired, respected and held in HIGH regard(and has been for years) by those who truly have left a lasting and positive mark in the drumming world.
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