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WOOOHOOOOOO!! YEAH! cheers dude ;D
unfortunately he didn't give any names :( although i bet his foot technique x2 would be RIDICULOUS

Yeah, i think our experiences were very different, the only things i left were great memories and a signed drumhead, the Q&A with the nottingham audience was just basically lots of long silences, occasionally interrupted by myself (lol)
i imagine yours was more educational.

either way, WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!
can't wait for mr.bloom's 35 min video :D

Originally Posted by Therma lobsterdore View Post
I finally got my video's uploaded, here they are...

First one is mostly brushes, second is the end of a solo he did, I started filming just as he started to play the crap outta his drumset!

Woah I would love to hear him playing speed metal, did he mention any band names? Sounds like your clinic was a bit different from the one I went to, but then again there couldn't have been more than 40 people or so at the clinic, it was at a really tiny place! He talked/played for two solid hours, then only took questions at the end.

Oh yeah he mentioned that he's gonna be making a secret weapons style doovda for foot technique, can't wait for that!
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