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Default Re: Ironwood drum set

First, love the kit! Awesome indeed! Next, I'm new to this forum, so I'd like to introduce myself. I'm a drummer who has not played in several years due to illness and pretty bad nerve damage in my legs, primarily R leg, so bass drum was severely affected, and I was having great difficulty with playing in time. I had a delay in the time between when my brain would tell my foot to play and the time my foot would actually play! I recently began playing again as it really has been therapeutic in my recovery and I'm getting better the last year or so as well as I have found a doctor who is fairly successful in treating my condition.
I had sold off my acoustic set that I had for over 25 years (a vintage Slingerland set) to a recording studio and bought an electronic set to use for recording. I didn't spend much because I had no idea if I would be able to play or not. I got an Alesis DM-5 and some Hart Dynamics pads. I got a dualist pedal mainly due to my physical difficulties.
The problem I am having with the pedal is that no matter how I adjust it I keep getting double hits on the pad. Either with the single or double mode this will happen, not every time, but often. I thought maybe it was just my leg, but now that I'm getting stronger it's still happening. I even tried loosening the head of the pad, did not help..Today I also tried throwing a cloth over the head, with no results except to mute some of my original hits..
I don't have much experience with electronic drums at all, as I have only had these a few months and these are the 1st I've ever played. Oh, and I have the cymbals with them as well. They sound better than I thought they would, as the ones I heard back in th 90's sounded awful, I guess they've improved them significantly.
My husbands band will be seeking a drummer soon and I used to play with them over 8 years ago and was thinking of trying out again, but I need to resolve this issue and work on the set list if I'm going to even consider it.
I went to the website (dualist) and they had nothing there to assist me, and from the searches I've seen so far here, no one seems to like this pedal much, and refers to people who use it as "cheating"..but, in my case I am trying to compensate for physical disability, so without some sort of help, I won't be playing at all..kind of like def leopards drummer..if you will. I didn't hear anyone calling him a cheater!! (just joking)
Anyway, if anyone has any ideas of what I might do to get this thing working right I'd really appreciate it.
I didn't really understand some of the terminology of the other bass drum threads I read, I never really considered how I moved my foot before I guess...never broke it all down..Just played. I really need to though. With the way I'm having to relearn everything now, it's very really is.
Any tips on using the dualist are welcome as well.
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