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I finally got my video's uploaded, here they are...

First one is mostly brushes, second is the end of a solo he did, I started filming just as he started to play the crap outta his drumset!

Originally Posted by king fail View Post
although funnily enough, i was shocked to learn that back in the late 80's he DID play DB and was in loads of speed metal bands!

yeah, he didn't any kind of lecture or talk or anything , it was just a few lame questions from the audience i'm afraid
Woah I would love to hear him playing speed metal, did he mention any band names? Sounds like your clinic was a bit different from the one I went to, but then again there couldn't have been more than 40 people or so at the clinic, it was at a really tiny place! He talked/played for two solid hours, then only took questions at the end.

Oh yeah he mentioned that he's gonna be making a secret weapons style doovda for foot technique, can't wait for that!
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