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Default Re: If You Cross Piano With Guitar

Just to add my voice in defense of the Chapman Stick. Tons of the king crimson stuff uses it, tons of stuff Tony Levin's been on, (like Bruford Levin, Bozzio Leving Stevens, Liquid Tension Experiment), Shows like Blue Man Group and Cirque de Soleil use it, John Myung of Dream Theater (yes, I know Jay, you're going to tell me Dream Theater's tasteless), Dave Mathews Band, Yes, and tons of other stuff I've never heard I'm sure...

Secondly, Jay, taste is a subjective thing. Talking about "good taste" and "bad taste" is like talking about some place "not having any culture". Being "tasteful" is a socially determined and and entrained perception, which changes over time and depending on where you've been raised. The fact is that you're so stuck in western jazz tradition that you can't see the fact that your whole idea of what sounds good and bad, what's harmonious and dissonant, what's indulgent and what isn't is based on nothing but years of entrainment and socialization.

Thirdly, even if you decide to view the instrument through the horse blinds of American musical tradition, it's still just a tool like any other and can be used in infinite ways. It's the player that makes it tasteful or tasteless (from a particular perspective), not the tool itself. You can use knife to cut vegetables or you can stab someone with it.

When Mr. God Savior Jesus Buddy Rich said that the only kinds of music are "good and bad" music, it was because he was speaking from a rediculously closed-minded point of view that had spent it's entire life embroiled in and embodying American musical tradition, swing specifically, that he wouldn't have been able or willing to see his way past his prejudices if his life depended on it. Music expresses nothing but itself and its context.
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