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Default Re: If You Cross Piano With Guitar

Yeah, Jay, that's pretty out of line about the Chapman. I happen to love the whole 'Discipline' era of King Crimson and there's very little other bass than the Chapman stick... and whilst it may attune itself to indulgent playing, Levin (then at least) knew what he was doing and didn't let it become the 'Novelty'. The Warr Guitar is the next step of that and again, King Crimson used those until recently and at one point had two bass players (and drummers, and guitarists) and again, it's not all over-indulgence.

I saw a guy playing guitar like this in Covent Garden in London about a year ago. I was in an Italian Restaurant there and the guy was playing some old standards (not like this guy at all - this guy was more tasteful) and turned my normal meal with a mate into a romantic one completely by accident. We were laughing.
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