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Originally Posted by Deltadrummer View Post
As far as extreme drumming, yes it has it's place. But if you can't apply what you know to a given musical situation, you're wasting your time on it. It is the guy who can make you melt when he plays a flam, or a simple rock beat that you want to hear. It's kind of ironic, isn't it?
This is the point I try to get across to students and a common trap with no musical end/purpose as I see it Ken. If we all focus more on how the things we choose to learn/play fit and make sense in an actual musical application/setting/concept we would all be better off in my view. Seperate monster chop fest/clinics and drum playing but with no clear purpose or understanding of how to apply any of it in "real life" musical situations is not doing any developing young player any good in my view in the long run. Just my opinion as as a "musical" drummer and working professional in acoustic jazz music situations.

Case in point:

Last night I had my first rehearsal with a new Big Band I just joined. Nothing that took place in the evening on the bandstand last night had anything to do with pure "all about the drums" killer drum chops per se but had everything to do with the challenge of interpreting and reading each chart and knowing just what to play as a drummer on the spot to best fit with the music and other musicians for each given chart on stage. This is what is important to me and requires some concentration and hard work and a sense of developing musical "ears" from the drummer that goes for me something far beyond seperate from actual performance killer chops at the end of the day but focused on how to use "chops" for setting the way for skills in the actual performance and context of a real band/musical situation.

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