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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!

latzanimal---glad you enjoyed the MD interview. Thanks!

ChrisBassdrum---thanks. I'm happy you dug the clips. The DVD was produced and edited in Austin, Texas...and the filming location was just outside of Austin. You can order the DVD direct from which is in Austin! Vielen Danke!

Bernhard---my dear friend---thanks for your great work and great site. See you soon!

Trip---hope we run into each other. Hope you have a good time at the fest!

pickupstyx--I'm happy you dig "Tears of Joy". I love that composition and never tire of it. I wouldn't be able to do what you suggest as I didn't write it and don't have the publishing. This would be an expensive endeavor with lawyers, Sony publishing, etc. It's one thing to have a piece of music out for performance or entertainment. It's another for downloaded tracks that people can record themselves with and do whatever they want with, etc. Sorry--it won't happen.

youenjoy00myself--thanks for your kind words. I really appreciate it! I'm assuming you have the dvd with your comment about application of rudiments. (There's a hands/practice pad session that's 30 minutes and then 30 minuets of previous materials applied on the drumset.) I've always tried to reap as many ideas out of one single idea using different orchestrations and note rates. You're vocabulary grows when you approach things in this manner. Hopefully that demonstrated well on the dvd! Thanks again for your positive feedback!

Cheers from San Jose--

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