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Default Re: Stewart Copeland

Originally Posted by Erik Lund View Post
Well okay. But what other bands did he play in? Were people clamoring to get him in their band? What I meant by the Moon comparison is that Copeland's playing seemed perfectly suited for that band. His feel/influences seemed to really give that group their specific sound, much like Moon. But I couldn't imagine Moon playing with another group and I haven't heard a band that would utilize Copeland's strengths with what he did with the Police - those reggae-inspired grooves, etc.
Stew hasn't played with a ton of groups but did play with Oysterhead and Animal Logic. I wasn't crazy about Animal Logic but I loved Oysterhead which he said in a recent interview he wants to do again after the Police reunion tour. He also worked with Stan Ridgeway (wall of voodoo) for the Rumblefish soundtrack and on one of the MD fests he played with a band called Gizmo which sounded great to me,

I think he could be good in lots of bands but maybe preferred all the soundtrack composing work after being in the Police, maybe because he had more control over the project that way.

Then there's this:
I love that video!
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