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Default Re: Metallica - Death Magnetic. They're at it again. (heads up)

It's by far the comeback album of the year and probably of the decade. I'm going on a big limb and saying that it's their best since Justice.

The stripped down production by Rubin brings out the genius of Hetfield. The riffs are great and endless. It sounds like Rick Rubin locked Lars in a studio for a year and said, "Practice!!!!!!!" He sounds better than he has in years.

I have been listening to this entire record for almost a week now and it's wearing thin to me at all. I am totally back on board with them. Despite their weaker recent work and that pathetic movie, they have reclaimed their status. Not bad for a bunch of guys in their mid-40's!

I I know they will be playing material from this record on the tour, I getting a ticket.
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