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Regarding the flashiness angle, aren't the interdependence experiments used by Lang and Donati really /at least with the mainstream/ technique exhibitions used at clinics and such in of themselves? I have always taken evolution to include the practical applications of most, if not all drummers. For instance the hi-hat application was a changed everything evolution, as was left hand independence and bass drum space that allowed more creativity for the bass player in jazz. Those things are universal now, while at least as far as I can see, some of what you're talking about is still limited to stuff you pay $10 to see at a music store.
I agree with this, Matt, and I don't at all care for the clinic thing that's sprung up.
BUT. People like that stuff. People can't be put down for wanting to play faster, more complicated, more technical, using more pedals and more drums, any more than people can be blamed for coming to this website. The technology is here and the people who have mastered that technology are eager to share it.
The bulk of all this extreme drumming stuff just won't cut it in the professional music scene, and I think that most savy youngsters are going to figure that out eventually, or they won't be working for very long.
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