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Originally Posted by Dr Drums
he's like the ideal drummer and has it all by the book, and that's exectly his problem.
He doesnt have something really speacial, he's groove and feel are very mainstream, he's so unoriginal. Yet, no doubt he's a hell of a drummer and between the 10th best drummers 2day. At least.
He's mainstream?!?! you have got to be kidding me. showme another drummer anything close to dave. and if you haven't checked out his band's cd (live and very plugged in) and then tell me that's "mainstream" i don't hear any other drummers with dave's style, or feel. he plays such odd timings, and has such a sweet style playin his bongo's and djemba dealy. i dunno, but this quote is way off dave, you must be talking about a different drummer.
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