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I don't know who you're listening to but I think you need to rethink your future before you become just another old man shaking his head saying, "kids these days."

If you like Snakes and Arrows great. There is nothing wrong with that. Rush is a respectable band. The point is that too many people over 35 listen to nothing but the same stuff they listened to when they were 16. I loved Bonham when I was 13, then I outgrew it. I saw Rush four times 1976 through 1981. Then I out grew it. I still love both those bands and can listen to Hemispheres and enjoy it. But I don't spend my days with that music as a big part of my life anymore.

Where I live, that is all people listen to. Festivals and clubs have these tributes bands of everyone from Chicago, Zep, Floyd, Tull, Billy Joel, the Eagles. People need to get over the music. It's not music anymore. It's all a big marketing scheme. And they are even starting jazz tribute bands where the guys cop some of the lick on the recordings. It's not pretty.
Nah, the smart kids today listen to Chicago, Zep, Floyd, Rush, police ET. AL.
Why? Because it was original and good. It was about musicianship and quality. It is still music, music so good it still sells over and over again.

I for one don't see my kids ever buying or downloading a Slipnot album ever! And thats a good thing.
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