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That is the problem, the idolatry that goes into modern music making. And in Rock Band you can be Slash, Joe Perry or Jimmy Page or whomever for five minutes.

You can go see any number of great drummers, Brian Blade, Jeff Watts or Paul Motian in a club, have a good talk and shake their hand. It was when that aspect of music was lost in rock that the notion of a musical experience went down the drain.
With Rock Band, now we will have many young drum stars. Listen to the young drummers today, its all about speed, beats per minute, making double bass sound like gas being emitted from their arse holes. No musicality. And these new "JAZZ" drummers. The same crap over the decades. It all sounds the same, fast notes slapped around a 4 piece. My 7 year old son and 9 year old daughter can do that.
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