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Default Re: My tattoo idea. Comments Please!

Originally Posted by drumtechdad View Post
One thing.

Walk into Starbucks, staff loaded with tattoos and piercings.

Walk into a bank, lawyer's office, doctor's office, or a brokerage--not so much.

What would you like to do for the rest of your life?
Objectively, I know any particular body modification is no better or worse than any other. Orthodontics, like sticking wooden plates in your lips like the Ubangis, is just a way to make your mouth conform to what a certain culture thinks looks good. Silicone implants are more invasive and dangerous that tattoos or piercings.

But I have my prejudices. I think tattoos and piercings make people look bad, and I say this as someone who has spent several thousand dollars on orthodontics (my own body modification). I have a white-collar job and I would never, ever get a tattoo of any kind.

I advise drumeyers13 to find some other way of broadcasting his interest in music to other people. How about a drumming necktie? You can always take it off when you want.
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