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Comparisons. Seriously people. Neil is my biggest drum hero. I know he can't do what Dennis Chambers or Vinnie or Virgil can do, but remember new drummers in the 80's and even early 90's were being measured against Neil. In the 80's (some of you were a mere twinkle in your dad's eye) Neil was pretty much the only drummer using multiple effects in his music (and yes, he did use all of his kit; I hate reading that he didn't here). Check out the video, "A Show of Hands" and the song Territories specifically. He did some cutting edge stuff for the time. Most of you can copy his stuff, and then say, "oh, no big deal, I'm just as good!" Keep in mind, HE INVENTED THESE PATTERNS to nicely fit the music. And prog rock music for most of his career was very electronic and stiff feeling. He's just stuck in his ways. People say the same thing about Lang, but give me a break, he is ground breaking. Funny thing is (and I hope this happens so drumming continues to evolve) in the future, people are going to say all this same negative stuff about Virgil Donati (sorry fanboys). So drumming evolves, tastes change, and influences die. Welcome to the art of drumming.

Oh yeah, Mediocrefunkybeat, I have no idea where you arrived at the conclusion that Rush has not majorly changed their style. Compare Fly by Night, Signals, Hold Your Fire, Presto, and Counterparts. 70s....80s.....90s....2000s. They changed.
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