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Default Re: Judas Priest "Nostradamus".

Originally Posted by jazzgregg View Post
Nostradamus is terrible. They are officially a parody of a parody of themselves and with JP that's really tough to do. Tipton is a great writer at times and I think it's cool that they are old enough to do whatever the hell they want, it's just too bad it's crap worthy of Spinal Tap. Some, SOME of the tunes would be ok if they weren't so lyrically silly, but it should not be a double album, no way. Angel of Retribution was much better, IMO.

I was at the Toronto MM tour to see Motorhead (which it looks like that pic might be from, actually) and they were great, as always. Dio still sounds as good as he ever did and Rob didn't sound as bad as I was prepared for. Lemmy always sounds like the voice of God.


It wasn't that bad.

Although it was wierd almost every song has an opening song to it.
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