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Just seen CrueFest back in july and let me tell you The Crue still have it I don't. care what anybody says Tommy is still killing it and there still kicking ass.the last time I seen Motley was in 83' during the Shout at the Devil tour and that was a great show but with this show they got more money then back then and not as toxic as back then so the music was great but so was the pyro. it's nice too see a big 80's like concert again everybody afraid of pyro. nowadays everybody's afraid to put on a Big 80's type rock concert anymore.but I will have to say Mick Mars still has the chops but boy is he looking rough very frail you can tell his disease is progressing it takes a lot of courage to tour for him I'm sure.Buckcherry surprised me also a lot better then I thought they would be.Great concert all around.


P.S. if my wife ever kicks me out of the house I could live in Tommy's bass drum LOL
love seeing the big kicks
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