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Default Metallica - Death Magnetic. They're at it again. (heads up)

Just a heads up for all you Metallica fans. Tomorrow (sept 12th) is the launch date of Metallica's new album.

Almost every Metallica fan on earth was disappointed by St. Anger in 2003. Most think St. Anger was one tooo many for Metallica, and was. I'm shocked that they came out with yet another album, but it will no doubt be a lot less disappointing than before. I must say that I'm surprised how how much younger this new album sounds, even though the members are getting older. It doesn't compare to their mid to late 80's stuff, but it's fantastic for some old guys who are approaching grandfather age within the coming years.

Here's a preview for those interested.

I would also like to hear any opinions people have about the band coming out with another album. Is the greatest metal band of all time milking money from the die-hard fans? Or are they simply to young at mind to give up rocking?

Good guys simply just can't stop rocking, but Lars needs bigger drums!

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