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Default Re: Favorite "Live" Album

So many great suggestions with lots I need to check out. My faves (mixing DVDs and Albums)

The Who - Live at Leeds - All time best live Rock disc imho.

Rush - Exit Stage Left - Rush at their best imho. Neil going crazy and showing so much energy.

Peter Gabriel - Secret World - Manu Katche is great!

King Crimson - Live at Frejus 1982 - From Neil and Jack and Me concert DVD. Bruford is great as always and Adrian Belew is a monster Singing, playing insane guitar and lots of drumming from him too.

Mahavishnu Orch- Between Nothingness and Eternity - Not the best sound quality but Cobham shreds.

Jean Luc Ponty - Live 1978 - I had this on cassette and they wouldn't release it on CD until recently. I had to make a copy of the cassette to listen to because it was getting worn out. Casy Schurell is the drummer I think.

Bjork - Live at Cambridge 1998 - Electronic drums and programming from Mark Bell here, a concert masterpeice.
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