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I've been a rock/metal fan for many many years but bands like Slipknot do absolutely nothing for me. Jordison does some nice things every now and then but I really don't care much for his style of drumming. I'm not into blast beats or blast anything. I guess if I was 15 years old that kind of stuff might get me all hot and bothered. I'm not saying Joey is a bad drummer because I know there are far worse out there but his style isn't my cup of tea.
I was watching one of his solos on youtube and it's all about double bass. I'd like to hear him with just one bass drum and have him rely more on his hands than feet. Fast double bass licks can hide a lot. For those that enjoy Slipknot and Jordison, have at it. I'll pass.

give me Joe Franco's drum solo from the Klash-Ka-Bob track on the Good Rats Live at Last album over Joey's solo(s) any day of the week.
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