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Originally Posted by dimensiontr View Post
i really can't the fuss going on about neil peart being the greatest or one of the greatest drummers ever all around the net. this is just my opinion so please people don't start getting angry.

i've watched him a lot but he never ever got me interested with his playing. I thought it was empty and shallow playing. I can't feel anything with his playing. Maybe he has good technique but he never coordinates his solos. He just does one thing, stops and does another thing. It's like a series of moves you study at home. No improvisation at all.

I just can't really understand people can even compare him with the legends like Buddy Rich, Dave Weckl, John Bonham, Dennis Chambers, Elvin Jones and so on. I think it's an insult to these legends to call Neil Peart the greatest drummer.
if that's how you feel that's quite alright. We all have our own opinions. I don't judge Neil on his solos any more than I judge Dennis Chambers on his. I'm more interested in how a drummer plays with a band than how he plays on his own. A drummer can be a great soloist but if he can't groove with a band then so what, right? Neil does a splendid job in the context of the band. I wouldn't call Neil a groove drummer in the way I would DC, Gadd, Garibaldi, Jeff Porcaro, etc but it doesn't matter. Neil's style fits Rush and that's all that matters.

Speaking for myself I would never compare Neil with Buddy, Weckl, Jones or DC. Comparing him with Mike Portnoy would make more sense. I wouldn't compare Bonham to Buddy either. There is no such thing as THE GREATEST, be it bass, drums, guitar, whatever. It's a mythical title. To call someone ONE OF THE GREATEST makes more sense. But hey, that's just me!
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