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Default Re: Your First Concert

Originally Posted by LM201 View Post
Ha. Man is was so AWESOME! When Slayer was playing and the circle pit started up I got so scared. I had to idea what to expect. I'd seen videos with them but those are nothing compared to a real mosh pit. Then everyone ran at eachother, started pushing everyone, and since I was kinda small I kept getting pushed over and trampled. This one neo nazi guy helped me up once, some huge (and I mean HUGE) guy fell on Neo Nazi. Neo Nazi headbutt me right in the nose and my nose broke. My nose broke cleanly so there wasn't any blood

Then Lamb of God, the Wall of Death... That hurt so so so so much. I my head kept getting pounded on, I fell on the floor and someone stepped on me. The guy helped me up later. Then a big fat guy was crowd surfing and he fell off right on top of me. I hurt my hip, my back, and my ankle really bad.

Dave Lombardo was incredicle, as was Adler. It was awesome, I want to see them again but my mom won't let me after what happened...

When I saw Slipknot, I had a broken nose and I passed out in some guys bathtub, naked and heavily bruised.
My mom wasn't too happy.
I'm not aloud to drink heavily at concerts anymore.
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