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wow, some of the negative comments about Weckl are real eye openers. Of course not everyone sees or hears things the same so I'm not surprised. I've seen Weckl numerous times and I think hes one of the best drummers out there now, at what he does. His technique is solid and he has superb control on the kit. His playing on the Latin style tunes is very good.
Someone said they didn't care for Weckl's work with Michel Camilo and prefer his current drummer. I've seen Camilo with Dafnis and Dafnis was great. Do I prefer Dafnis over Weckl?
Not really. Each brings something different to the table and it's basically a matter of what your taste is. Even if I didn't care for Weckl's music I'd still give him high marks for his abilities. Hard for me to find fault with his considerable abilities. If I did I'd be nitpicking.
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