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Default Re: Ready to Record? Or not...?

So, having taken your advice into consideration, I burnt the recordings onto a demo CD, and have started handing them out to promoters. I'm not totally comfortable with it, just cause I feel we didn't get enough time to work on the demos, but I thought about what guys said, and it made a lot of sense.

I copied and pasted my post and e-mailed it to my bandmates, and am awaiting feedback from them. I don't know what they'll think, but at least I got it off my chest, you know?

I'm also sticking with the band. I wont be devoting as much of my time to it (I won't be the manager for it, I've passed that duty on to the guitarist) but I'll still play. I'll be putting more of my energy into promoting my other band, where everyone wants to go in the same direction as me and we all put in work towards getting shows, renting equipment, practicing, etc. I also like the sound of this band more (being as I have all the creative control, LOL) so it should be good.

Thanks a lot for the help guys, if you have any more advice, please, by all means, let me know if I've done something stupid! :)

the songs are so good it doesn't matter what they sound like, if that makes sense...
Lol, yeah, I know what you're saying.
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