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Default Re: Bill Stewart's Snare & Setup

I for one, am very grateful for your posting of Bill Stewart's set up. I am a huge Bill Stewart fan and relate to his style of playing more than I do to most jazz drummers. I hear his influences well enough and happen to be into those on my own anyway.....especially Jack Dejohnette.

I love using the Bill Stewart model drumsticks though I had to get use to them at first. I also use the Complex/Dry Ride cymbal (his signature ride) as my main ride along with an even dryer and just as trashy ride (the Hi definition ride, which I recommend to anyone who likes a cymbal with extraordinary stick articulation). Of course, I am talking 100% Zildjian here.

I am looking to get more into using Polyrhythms in my playing and am on the lookout for any instructional books that you or anyone might recommend for developing polyrhythms in my playing.
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