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I was just listening to F.U.C.K.......................and I forgot how good it actually is. I like Sammy but I prefer Dave over him. But this has to be one of their best, w/Dave or not.
I have said here before that I could say Alex is my third biggest influence behind Neil Peart second and Gregg Bissonette first. Listening to the cd I can hear that I have pulled a lot from Alex in his way of playing just from this cd alone. It may put him in front of Neil. The whole vibe of the Band, Alex's sound, his neuances and just his little displacement of snare and bass are very cool to me. I know there is Colaiuta, Weckl, Lang, Donati, S.Smith, Chambers and so on that are jaw dropping, but to me Alex is one of the best hard rock drummers out that that just throws in that little extra to make things interesting. And he makes it seem fun.

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