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Default Re: So, I'm going stateside tomorrow..

Originally Posted by zambizzi View Post
The first thing I would do, is find some authentic pizza...and gorge myself.
Vin, you cant really go wrong with Pizza in NYC. Or with food, in general, for that matter. Bad eating joints simply don't survive in NYC. SO great eating!!

However,for the ultimate in thin crust orgasm you have to head out to to Di Fara's in Brooklyn. Or Grimaldi's near Brooklyn Bridge

And if you don't want move out of Manhattan and still be able to say you've had the ultimate pizza encounter, you have to go to Lombardi's in Little Italy, SoHo.... And John's Pizzeria in Mid town. They will all serve up a pizza that will then live in your memory for the rest of your life.

Give me a holler when you show up, and if I'm in town, you can buy me a beer.

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