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Default Re: Virgil Donati

Ok Ok Ok
Not very long long long time ago in a hour of really depression I deleted a whole Virgil Donati and a Thomas Lang thread here in the Forum (Rude Founder Power!!!!)

There are so many different animals in nature, so why comparing bears with tigers or cats with dog? Why not taking from every drummer what you like and going down to the practice room and improve a little?

Take it as fact:

- Virgil can groove like hell!!! Yes, of course - haaaa (more than 99.9% of us all)
- Steve Gadd can play anything - also Planet X stuff - haaaa haaa - of course!!!!
- Thomas Lang can also play anything - of course!!!!!
- of course all three deserve their place at Drummerworld - haa

So what?

I had the rare chance to hang out with exactly those three and some more at PASIC. Steve attended the Virgil Clinic and was blown away, Virgil attended the Steve Gadd clinic and was blown away too. Thomas did'nt play, but was blown away too.

And all three were blown away by TERREON GULLY!!!!! Watch this guy!!

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