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I've been to shows where the band plays it just like the CD and others where the band changes it up. I prefer a band that plays the song like I know it. Changing it just for the sake of changing it doesn't make much sense to me. The live performance is where it's at. Nothing beats that and if the band plays it like the CD I don't care because the energy of the live show blows away any CD. That's not boring to me but hey, that's just me.
Some bands write in the studio, others write on tour. Radiohead do both. When they did the tours for 'Kid A' and 'Amnesiac' they actually had to re-arrange all their songs to work in a live situation, with some really great results. I always like hearing new arrangements of old classics and sometimes I just wish bands would stop resting on their laurels and experiment. If it goes wrong, it goes wrong, but if you're a band like Rush who've been going for thirty years plus, there is no financial risk from changing your style. Whilst it might alienate some fans; other than a lack of imagination, there is no reason why you shouldn't try something new. Lots of great bands do it - Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin being but two - underwent enormous stylistic changes and their durations (or at least their 'classic' periods) were less than half that of Rushes!

At least spice up the live arrangements to do something new. If I wanted to see exact covers I'd go and see a tribute band. Otherwise I'd just buy the CD.
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