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Alex Duthart.

Thinshells - If it were true that I and others only choose to denigrate drummers because we are envious of their ability, and/or have personal insecurities, then it follows we would do the same for all massively successful and influential drummers, no? Virgil is well-known in the drumming community, but is not, as we have seen, respected by all. Drummers like Vinnie, Gadd, and Porcaro are or were massively respected by nearly everone who plays drums, and have contributed so much to popular music that their fame extends well beyond the drumming family. So why don't I have bad things to say about these guys? Why don't I come on here and try to convince people the Gadd can't groove? Hmmm, I wonder....

I AM envious of Vinnie, and I AM envious of Gadd, but I do not slag them off. I don't have much time for Virgil, I don't have much respect for him, and so I will say negative things about his playing. Doesn't that make more sense than your position?

The arguments that Virgil can't groove are far from inane. People who say he can't groove are not fools. I painstakingly explained my position in a previous post which now I can't see....maybe it was in the Thomas Lang thread instead. When someone assures me he can groove, I can only assume their ear is not as sensitive as mine. I don't want this to become personal, but if I am going to be called a fool for my position, I think it's fair to defend myself.

I fail to see how J expressing his belief that Virgil can groove 'slaughters' anyone's argument to the contrary. And this tired old line of 'He can groove, he just plays stuff you can't understand' is really getting annoying. Finn has argued against this previously. It is actually the knowledgeable people who do understand the crazy stuff he plays that aren't wowed into declaring him a genius, because we can see through it. I saw Virgil playing in the Baked Potato, attempting to groove at a medium 4/4 tempo. It sounded HORRIBLE.
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