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Originally Posted by jamsjr44 View Post
Stu-Strib, so your saying from Power Windows which was released in 1985 and beyond has been horrifying? Just a suggestion I would really listen again. I wasn't totally thrilled with Roll the Bones CD, but it grew on me. As far as every other album within that time frame I think has been great Presto is an awesome album because it was the first time they went back to playing stripped down and not alot of sythesizers. I haven't got a chance to pick up their new album Feedback yet but I will.

As far as lyrics you should really read alot of them because Neil Peart writes incredible lyrics. All of their songs are truly about something. Most bands today lyrics are very weak in comparision.

And every band changes with the time, that's just the way it is. Motley Crue, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Living Colour ( whose last album was just awful!) all of them sound nothing like they did when they first came out if Led Zeppelin was still around their sound would have changed as well. And all of those bands I mentioned above have produced crap music since the late 90's or 00's. Even my latest favorite bands like Tool since 1993 and Sevendust since 1997 have changed the way they sound. Rush has produced 18 albums not including lives ones ( 29 in all) and still have a tremendous following. They didn't suffer the death that most hair bands did who are now only playing 500 seat venues because no one really wants to see them anymore. The TRUE Rush faithful has and will always remain. Come back to the dark side STU!!!...LOL

What still amazes me the most is they did not replace members since Neil took over for John Rustey after their very first album, and that is dedication to each other and shows the true strength of a band survivng and changing with the times.

Woooo man, wooooo! Living Colour's last album was terrible! After reading that my eyes hurt. Living Colour rules and their last album was great in my opinion. Let's here 3 doors down version of "Back in Black." And Rush Rules too and I wish they were more like Living Colour. Instead of playing to computer graphics and videos, it would be nice if Rush changed their songs a little. Not every song, I mean Tom Sawyer is a classic but change it up some. Just some. The acoustic songs they did during their 2004 tour was nice and they need to expand on those ideas.
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