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I've seen Rush 5 times, the last time being around the Permanent Waves tour. I have a few albums after that but they lost me after a while. I think Neil is one of the premier prog rock drummers of all time, period. He has his style and he's damn good at it, just like other drummers have their style. So what if Neil can't groove like Steve Gadd or Jeff Porcaro, does it really matter?
I think Neil looks a bit wooden when he plays and doesn't appear to be the most graceful looking of drummers I've seen but you know what...he gets the job done and he does it extremely well. He's continued to push himself and improve when he could easily rested on his considerable laurels. I say enjoy the man for what he is and what he has accomplished. You don't get to his level of playing by accident or by sheer luck. He's the consummate pro, period.
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