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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!

Pete---thanks a lot, man. I hope you pick the DVD up and hope you get a whole bunch-o-nuggets out if it indeed. Thanks again!

VedranS---That was the Ragbrai Festival. It was cool chatting with Lance Armstrong backstage before that gig. That was a fun show as I remember. And yes, my wife is originally from DesMoines. She's a bad ass singer who's recorded and toured the world with Brian Wilson for the past 9 years. I produced her record last year that included appearances by Brian as well as Tommy Shaw (from Styx). Four tracks from that record are featured in my DVD "Methods and Mechanics." You can check out clips from Taylor's record at Hope you dig it and thanks for your note......and thanks for making it to the gig.

Cheers from Omaha en route to Lincoln, NE---

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