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I jus want to know how does Tommy do that stick trick where he hits the hi-hat and the snare with the stick and it jumps in to the air ? I,ve watched the Carnival of sins DVD hundreds of times and i don`t know how he does it.

I used to watch him do that all the time in the Smoking in Boys Room video when I was a kid. if you check out that link I try to do it on a cover video you can kind see a more open look at it around the 1:38 mark. It takes some practice but your snare has to be pretty level if you have a lot of tilt it wont work. Make sure you hit the snare pretty much in the middle of the head and just release your grip. The stick will rebound off the head and at that point you basically lightly flip your wrist up...that will guide the stick in the air. Dont confuse that with just flippin the stick in the air though (which I think is kinda you actually use the force of the rebound off the snare so the harder you hit it...the higher it will go!! I dont know if that helps..let me know!

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