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Default Re: Ready to Record? Or not...?

hey interesting to read your post..

it can be hard for bands to get to the next step to be a full time band, which is the dream you have i'm sound like you're doing everything right, i had a listen to your songs and they seem ok...

the one mistake you made, i think is this;

Originally Posted by groovemaster_flex View Post
"Okay, you seem like a great guy, and I think I'd like to get you a spot on the tour, but does your band have a CD that I can listen to, to see if I think you're a good fit for the tour?" All I had to say to that was, "No." I mean, what could I say? We don't have a CD, or any form of decent recordings, and this was a great oppurtunity to take, but I couldn't.

yeah you could've, and still should.

This is the mistake i think most new bands make - they think that people listen to the sound quality of their demos. they spend hundreds of pounds/dollars, hours of time mixing, re-mixing tweaking until the recording sounds like a massive huge polished hit. then no one picks it up and they wonder why.

People are listening to the songs, not the sounds - Agents, producers and the like have amazing ears, they can hear what things will sound like if recordered better.

i know this because a friend of mine is a very, very good producer. (he has gold records on his wall and stuff like that) and the demos he gets sound about as good as yours in sound quality - but some of them (we where listening to Black Kids about 16 months ago) the songs are so good it doesn't matter what they sound like, if that makes sense...

the most important things are the songs. this is why you'll make it. if the songs are good you'll get noticed and get a chance to record with a big producer. give the agent your demos. tell him they are demos. ask him to a show.

also better recordings can't hurt - talk to the band about splitting the costs - but don't let your old recording hold you back....people have very good ears.
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