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Default Re: Ready to Record? Or not...?

Originally Posted by groovemaster_flex View Post
Now, we've been handed a great oppurtunity to get some good studio time in with a local producer, Justin Zoltek, lead singer of The Knockouts. (I'm not sure if any of you have heard of the band, The Knockouts, but they're a great band out of my hometown, Mississauga, Ontario). He has offered us 2 weekends (two Saturdays, two Sundays, full days) at his studio that he runs with his buddy for $500.00, and he's going to be producing us for free. If you want to hear the recording quality, just listen to The Knockouts MySpace.

I think this is an amazing oppurtunity, I mean, how often does something like this come up? Especially for a band like mine? Not often. The band I'm with is reluctant to do anything about it, and it's frustrating. There's so much potential for us to go places, people we don't know have complimented us on how GOOD our songs are, how tight we are, and how great we are with our instruments. But my band doesn't want to go anywhere with it.
Why don't they want to go anywhere with it?
I'd leave this band. You've got the connection with the producer, which you'll take with you wherever you go. That's your ace up the sleeve. If you can't make these guys see that this is a great opportunity then you're wasting your time.
It's a pity, but these cats just ain't getting it.
Move on, and bring the producer and his studio with you.
Man, having a connection like that is gold, baby. Build and maintain a good relationship with Justin and you're already way in the game. You could get some recording work out of that relationship, you could meet the right people to play with, and you'll be reinforcing your connection to the scene. High profile. Connected.
Thomas, if these guys you're playing with can't see that then...MAN!
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