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Originally Posted by Therma lobsterdore View Post
Nice video man! I got two of him from the clinic on thursday, I'll put them up pretty soon. What did he chat about anywho? He was going on about the history of the drums when I saw him, he demonstrated beats from pretty much every style of popular music from the last centuary, no wonder the guys so unique...seems like he can play any style pretty much and he mixes them all together brilliantly.
OHHH YEAHH please do :)

Yeah man, that's what makes him so amazing for me, i have yet to see anything that he HASN'T mastered, y'know, where most drummers have their specific genres, or their signature technique (johnny rabb lol, jojo did demonstrate application of the one-handed roll, and trust me, he does it a LOT better than rabb :D), Jojo just has EVERYTHING.

uhh, it was like a brief q&a session followed by a long performance, and to be honest, i wasn't to thrilled with the questions lol ("Why are you holding your stick funny in your left hand?" "do you play double bass?") ugh.

although funnily enough, i was shocked to learn that back in the late 80's he DID play DB and was in loads of speed metal bands!

yeah, he didn't any kind of lecture or talk or anything , it was just a few lame questions from the audience i'm afraid
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