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Default Re: John Bonham (Bonzo)

Originally Posted by NUTHA JASON
yeah that dude is talented with his mixing and bonzo is just typically enormous!!!


hey man, you know, i've actually been trying to send you the files through gmail, but something's seriously wrong with my connection. i'll keep trying and send atleast 2 to you before today SOMEHOW. i'm in india man, the internet connection here sucks!
haha. i'm going out of town later today and won't be home for 10 days (though i will log on here as often as i can) so i'd better send you atleast a few of the tracks today. hahaha.
and didn't i tell ya'll that track is awesome. oh yeah, if you scroll down on his page, you'll find a track called 'beaten into submission' on his page that i played drums and bass on. actually, its on my soundclick page too, and i posted a link to it in my introduction thread.
check it out, that guy is an absolutely monstrous guitar player and i feel so proud to be his friend.
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