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Default Re: Thanks to Bernhard

Originally Posted by caddywumpus View Post
Sweet! Congrats and welcome to the never-ending obsession!
Caddy, I have found quickly how much of an obsession this truly has been within me all these years...once I purchased the kit I have become this voracious person over the idea of drums and learning!

Originally Posted by harryconway View Post
Very cool story. We need to see pictures. Just telling us about your kit, that's cruel. Welcome.
Harry, no intent to be cruel...the cruel thing is ordering the kit on 8/6/08 and being told two days later unless I change my color choice I will not see the kit until the first week of Sept!!! THAT is cruel and inhuman...this has been the slowest month on record!!!! Once I get them I will post.

Originally Posted by Bernhard View Post
Yes, thanks Jim. Nice to have you on board and thanks for the encouragement.

Keeeeeeep drumming....

Truly Bernhard, as I said the thanks does go to you and all that you have put in and continue to put into this wonderful resource and the art of drumming, without this I believe I would still be wishing about becoming a drummer...this is a life long dream that has come to fruition! Many THANKS

Originally Posted by crdirtRider856 View Post
Glad to have you aboard Drumhead! I am glad to have you here, hopefully you will stick around and become a part of the "family" as I look at it.

This place is the best, and again, thanks Bernhard and DB and NJ for havin us here.And yeah... we want pictures! NOW!!! : )
CrdirtRider, thank you and as I said once I get the kit I will be wildly flashing pics and posting, and I will be sticking around this is a great family/community!

Thanks again to the family as well for all the input I have gotten thus far and all the knowledge you will impart to me once I get those drums set up....I am anxiously waiting for them!!!!
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