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Default Re: parking officials

Originally Posted by Rockingfreakapotamus View Post
There was a belter today in the Daily Record in Glasgow.

A gentleman parked his car on a single yellow line, and whilst he was away, some pleasant Glasgow "youths" stole all four of the wheels on his car.

So he phoned his insurance company who said they would pick up the car the following afternoon, and he proceded to write a note explaining his predicament to any passing parking official.

They STILL gave him a ticket.

Currently the chap is going through an appeal process with the local council, and it looks like he will get off with it, and quite rightly so.

And ALSO, Tutin will back me up on this, in Scotland its ILLEGAL to clamp any car, anywhere. Some guy took the clampers to the court and won on grounds of Blackmail. Pay us money and we will give you yer car back!!

RFP speaks the truth, it's good times for us Scots.

I thought I'd say a few things about how you can get out of paying for a ticket, in the UK at least.

Firstly, a double yellow line must be a solid double yellow line! If it has a scratch into it, or has been worn away over the years, you can park on it. If you get a ticket, you can claim for compensation for the parking official wasting your time, because if the road people aren't doing their part and keeping the line clear, so everyone can see it, why should you pay for it? This law that the line must be solid is there so that someone, perhaps an elderly person with bad eyesight doesn't park on the line, for example. However you can still get away without a charge yourself and I know people who have done this.
Another good one is that if you're at a pay and display, you actually pay for an extra 15 minutes more than it says on the ticket. This is called something like "common courtesy time" or something like that, and again is to allow time to people with lots of shopping, or again elderly people, to get back to their car. So if you're given a ticket 5 minutes after your ticket runs out, you can claim compensation again.
This one is last, and it's more commonly known. If the ticket isn't placed on your windscreen then it is invalid. If you see an official writing out a ticket for you and you have time to run to your car and drive away before he puts it on, DO IT! haha. All they do is write "ran away" or something on the ticket. If you get it through the post, you can contest against it and again claim compensation.

So hopefully these come in useful for you guys! Happy parking!

Would like more MFB please.
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